Browse Safe. Stay Protected.

Bit Guardian Web Safe

Browse Safe. Stay Protected.
  • Easily block any malicious or harmful websites.
  • Whitelist websites you deem trustworthy.
  • Manage the list of manually blocked websites.
  • Larger malicious database for URL filtering.
  • Block ads to surf faster, safer, and cleaner.

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Features of Bit Guardian Web Safe

Ad Blocker Ad Blocker

Pop up ads drive you crazy? Experience ad-free surfing with Bit Guardian Web Safe as it prevents ads from showing up on any website, loads web pages faster and stops ad servers from tracking you.

Browser Protection Browser Protection

With Bit Guardian Web Safe, you can block all the malicious domains and websites to ensure optimum protection over the internet.

Blacklist Domain Blacklist Domain

Fed up of spams? Now you can blacklist a specific domain that has been clogging your search results. There’s nothing better than controlling the content you want on your screen.

Whitelist Domain Whitelist Domain

Whitelisting your desired domains makes it relatively easy for the tool to protect you online and let you access the complete content. Just build your customized whitelist and domains to the list and enjoy the privilege.

Blocked Domains Blocked Domains

Not able to access your favorite content? You may quickly check if you’ve got the domain in the Blocked Domains list or not.

Stay Updated Stay Updated

Get instant updates of all the latest filters and rules to block ads. Make the most of your browsing experience by managing and blocking ads on desired websites.

Why Bit Guardian Web Safe?

Bit Guardian Web Safe is dedicatedly developed to empower safe browsing over the internet. Considering the surging graph of cybercrimes, it is better to stay protected than to regret later.

Bit Guardian Web Safe

Bit Guardian Web Safe

Bit Guardian GmbH


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